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Proud® Paints have been brought to the Irish market by Derek Doyle Proud® Managing Director, with a keen eye for product innovation & attention to detail and unique insight into global technological developments gained through his 15-year involvement in the specialist paint industry, Derek has developed the Proud® Paints brand with Irish consumers in mind – offering superior, long lasting quality and lifetime value.

Proud® is designed especially for our Irish weather, Proud® Paints provide advanced protective technology in a range of contemporary colours and finishes - that can last up to 30 years.

Water-based, non-toxic, easy to apply and environmentally friendly, our unique focus on quality, sustainability and innovation provides consumers with an entirely new choice of paint - formulated to solve problems, not just paint over them - and suitable for home owners, DIY enthusiasts and professionals.

Stocked online and at select retailers nationwide, Proud® Paints carries the Guaranteed Irish symbol across the range - joining a network of 300+ businesses who share a common vision to create quality jobs, contribute to local communities and are committed to Irish provenance.

Choose Proud® Paints with confidence and protect your biggest asset with this unique range of problem-solving products. Eliminate mould, resist the weather and add beauty – then sit back and enjoy up to 30 years protection.

Our Mission

We believe that quality brings it’s own convenience. For those who appreciate superior, long lasting quality and timeless style, Proud® Paints sets the standard in paints. Combining advanced problem-solving technologies with contemporary colours and finishes, thats why we can offer protection for up to 30 years.

Our range of affordable paints are designed to last longer, delivering substantial value over a 30 year lifespan, and kinder to our environment too – so our customers can paint with confidence – and then relax and enjoy their homes.

Proud® Paints, for life and living.

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