We are asked a lot, what makes your Masonry Paint different from the normal exterior paints, its pretty easy quality & high grade formulation. Discover More

Proud® Paints Exterior Smooth Masonry has been formulated using only the highest grade raw materials, providing you with the most advanced level of protection for your home. While our Exterior Smooth Masonry has excellent resistance to salt, alkali and acid, it also has an elastomeric film that moves with substrate and resists cracking, along with high UV resistance for lasting appearance.

Our Smooth Exterior Masonry is suitable for harbour buildings, seafront housing, boat yards, marina walls, hotels, really any area that is susceptible to extreme weather elements.

  • Accelerated Weathering Test: 16,000 hrs. (equivalent to 32-33 years external weathering). Test certificate No. 4759*
  • Salt Mist to ISO 7253; 3,800 hrs. Test certificate No. 6434^
  • Adhesion to ISO 4624; Test certificate No. 6434^
  • Washing / Scrub Resistance; USUBEL 5,000 reciprocal cycles Test certificate No. 6434^

Proud® Paints water-based environmentally friendly smooth Exterior masonry paint really is the best finish specialist paint on the market. 

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Our Smooth Exterior Masonry Paint has been applied to lime plaster finished renders. 

Colours with over 4,000 colours on our system our paint colour matching cube, will match your paint colour choice.

Not only is your buildings fabric allowed to breath but our paint film has an extremely high moisture vapour permeability. While providing all the other protection from extreme weather conditions.

Smooth Masonry allows moisture vapour transmission 83.45 g/m2/24 hrs. So (m) = 0.533 (at 146 micron dry film thickness)

Our exterior smooth masonry paint can be used internally as well as externally, with outstanding anti carbonation properties, our paint film actually carries 3 times the recommendation of a normal anti carbonation paint. It has excellent acid gas resistance. Anti Carbonation Paint for carparks, inner city high rise buildings, airports airside buildings, etc. The paint film protects against oil and grease and can be applied to metals with a suitable primer. Our water-borne formulation has excellent opacity and adhesion to concrete. It really does tick all the boxes for a longer lasting finish, and timeless style.

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Carbon pollution can sit on the paint film, but is easily washed away in rains, so basically a self cleaning CO2 paint. As mentioned in previous FAQ our smooth masonry paint is washing/scrub resistant up to 5,000 reciprocal cycles.

PERFORMANCE CO2 Permeability          

  • (μ) value =2.410.000
  • Air diffusion equivalent: R = 301 metres (at 125 micron dry film thickness). Test Certificate No. 2775*

As with all painting projects the surface needs to sound, clean and dry, if you walk around your building you will see with your eye what it is like, feel the surface, rub your hand over the surface (always wear gloves to protect your skin) and check that there are no loose flakes, or any visual signs of algae.

If you scrap down the wall to clean off any old paint flakes this will help to tighten up the surface, always wear the appropriate eye protection and dust mask, if there is any dirt, dust etc. wash down your walls with a domestic power washer, if any algae or mould is present using a stiff bristle brush (not wire) agitate the algae use our Sterilising Solution and apply liberally over the algae (please follow application instructions). Allow to dry for 24 hours, if there are areas heavily infected with algae or mould, apply the concentrated sterilising solution full strength over the effected area and leave to dry do not wash off.

If the surface is friable or powdery in certain areas, you can apply our stabilizing masonry sealer which will help properly prepare the surface prior to painting. This is a simple one coat application of our water-based sealer.

If applying Smooth Masonry on to sound new render walls the 1st coating can be thinned with water by 10% to seal the surface and the second coat is to be applied full strength.

If you require specifications for your project please contact our offices. Exterior Paints

Completely remove all traces of loose, flaking soft and friable paint back to a clean firm surface by scraping and or washing. Remove any existing mould growth by scraping or brushing with a stiff fibre brush, (NOT wire).

Make good any surface imperfections to original profile with a suitable filler and allow to dry thoroughly.

Thoroughly abrade any glossy surfaces with glass paper to achieve a good key.

Sterilise the walls by applying a liberal application of Proud® Paints Sterilising Solution and allow to dry for 24 hours.

A second application of Proud® Paints Sterilising Solution is recommended for heavily infected areas. Prime or tape any copper or other metal surfaces with an appropriate primer and allow to dry. Copper surfaces must be treated prior to the commencement of any painting. Bare copper must be either taped or primed with appropriate primer.

Clean equipment with water.

Clean away all dust and debris from the surface before painting.

Do I Need a Stain Block?

Only if there is any other staining apart from Blackspot/Mould on the surface to be painted, such as water damage etc

Apply two coats of Proud® Paints Anti Mould Paint Matt.

Proud® Paints Anti Mould Paint may be thinned by up to 10% by water to all bare areas to be coated, prior to final coats.

During preparation, avoid the inhalation of dust. Wear a suitable face mask, if dry sanding. Special precautions should be taken during surface preparation of pre-1960’s surfaces over wood and metal as they may contain harmful lead. For further advice, please contact Proud® Paints Limited.


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IMPORTANT: Please refer to Proud® Paints Anti Mould Paint Product and COSHH data before using this product in areas where food stuff, eating utensils or food contact surfaces exist.

Why does Proud® Paints Anti Mould Paint work and Others Don’t?

Other Fungicidal/Anti-Mould paints use an additive which is mixed into an already made Emulsion Paint. This means that not all of the paint will carry the same amount of the Fungicide which protects against Mould growth.

Proud® Paints Anti Mould Paint uses an Acrylic Resin and their own Fungicide and an Algaecide which forms a thermal barrier to areas subject to varying temperatures and condensation, eg kitchens, bathrooms, shower rooms, bedrooms, Living Rooms etc.

All of the constituents of the paint are added in a formulated process and dispersed to ensure that all the pigments and constituents including UV stabilisers, algaecides, and fungicides are coated evenly in the paint blend to produce a paint that is consistent, stable and which will promote all of its anti-fungal properties to our extremely high specification.

This ensures that every part of Proud® Paints Anti Mould Paint carries the same amount of the active biocide and when applied every part of the surface will be protected.

Ideal for any ‘Internal’ areas that are susceptible to Mould or Organic growth

After 5 days painted areas will be fully washable and give a high quality emulsion finish. Buy Now

Yes it gives a high quality emulsion finish, that is a washable, non toxic, water based formulation. Environmentally friendly and odour free when dry. It makes a perfect solution to paint entire rooms, walls and ceilings with Proud® Paints  Anti Mould Paint, available in many pastel colours.

Apply two coats to perfectly sound surfaces, and enjoy the high quality finish which makes homes beautiful for life and living.Buy Now

Firstly, wash the affected areas with Proud® Paints Concentrate Sterilising Solution 240ml, dilute 5 to 1 with water. If you wish mark the 240 ml. container into 5 equal parts, one part can then be mixed with 1 Litre of water, only if you do not need to use 5 Litres. Allow to dry.

This may leave a ‘Stained’ area that are Mould Spores which will grow back very quickly.

On these ‘Stained’ areas use Proud® Paints Concentrated Sterilising Solution 240ml Undiluted using a Sponge and Rubber or Disposable Gloves and wipe over the stained area with the Sterilising Solution but DO NOT WASH OFF.

Leave to fully dry. This will both kill and seal the spores from oxygen and allow 2 coats of Proud® Paints Anti Mould Paint to be painted on the whole area. Buy Now

Heavily load a foam ‘cigarette burn’ roller for High Build finish, or a standard foam roller for a lower texture.

With very slow even strokes, lay onto wall in heavy patches. Do not worry about the texture at this point in time.

When the initial quantity of product is on the wall, slowly and evenly spread out to cover a larger area.

The texture can now be achieved by further rolling and jointing of areas using a diagonal action. The texture is achieved by laying off.

Always finish on the up stroke, in order to push the marble aggregate into vertical position. This will ensure that the texture will have a ‘peaked’ effect when dry.

Window reveals can be rolled as close as possible and then finished with a brush in order to give a professional flat border finish.

Using the above methods large areas can be covered quickly with an even professional finish.

This is a single coat through colour finish. Buy Now

Proud® Paints textured matt finish is extremely durable protects against even the most extreme weather conditions. Provides an extremely tough, flexible and long lasting protective and decorative finish. Properties include crushed marble aggregates with light fast earth pigments.

The coating is suitable for internal & external use on virtually all common building substrates.

A water based, environmentally friendly texture coating, with excellent adhesion, textured finish paint hides surface defects, extremely flexible, resists cracking, fast drying – rooms can normally be occupied within 24hrs. Buy Now

Proud® Paints Professional Squash Court Paint is ready to use, easy to apply. Specially formulated to be used in the painting of walls and playing surfaces in and around squash courts.

The playing surface is not effected and the finish is first class making the squash court look beautiful for playing.

  • Superior quality coating, Hard wearing, Doesn’t affect ball speed
  • Easy to clean, Quick drying

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Proud® Paints squash court paint is a superior quality solvent borne coating provides a smooth matt finish, with excellent opacity and adhesion, when fully cured it may be washed repeatedly, with outstanding durability.

All surfaces must be properly prepared to ensure that they are dry, clean and free from rubber, oil and grease. Glossy surfaces should be well abraded to improve adhesion.

Remove all loose and flaking materials and prime where necessary with Proud® Paints Squash Court Paint, thin with 10% white spirits.  

Ensure good ventilation during application and drying, avoid contact with eyes and skin. Apply by brush, roller, conventional or airless spray.

 Apply two coats of Proud® Paints Squash Court Paint. Touch dry in 2-3hrs and recoatable in 5-6 hours.

Typically, one squash court should take 4 tins to decorate. Please follow all instructions on squash court paints technical data sheet. Always wear protective gloves, eyewear and respiratory mask.

Ennis Squash Club, Mike Conlon: We’ve been using Proud® Paints Squash Court Paint for 5 years now. We have found the product supplied to be excellent and competitively priced. Buy Now

If masonry is friable/powdery or where previous paint has lost its adhesion to reveal the underlying cement render, you will need to apply a coat of our Masonry Stabilser and sealer.

Proud® Paints Masonry Sealer 1 part is diluted with 3 parts water. 1 litre of mixed solution will cover 20 m2.

Apply by brush or roller over the masonry to be sealed.

Always wear appropriate safety wear, goggles, gloves and overalls.

Proud® Paints Masonry Sealer is an emulsion based water dilutable sealer for absorbent masonry surfaces.

Dries in 3hrs and can painted over with Proud® Paints Smooth masonry or Textured high build paint, once the sealer is dry to touch.

Fast drying water-borne formulation, clear in colour. Buy Now


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