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Enjoy our personally handcrafted Proud Paints™ wooden crate, which ensures you receive your paints in perfect condition, our wooden crates can be used for storage or be creative and use as décor, ultimately the choice is your, enjoy!

At Proud Paints we are proud that you would consider using our high quality paints and we send you this unique wooden crate for life & living.

   A Perfect Finish  


We deliver anywhere within Ireland, and usually within 1 to 2 business days at a rate of €8.90c + 23% Vat per wooden crate. A typical wooden crate will hold approx. 4 x 5Litres of Paint. Any quoted delivery times are estimates only, you will receive a tracking no. with your invoice and can log on to the listed couriers website for more delivery info. Proud Paints ™ shall accept no liability in relation to late delivery beyond the value of the goods within the related order. 


The ownership of any goods supplied by Proud Paints Ltd will not be transferred until all amounts owed to the company no matter on what ground, have been paid and until paid Proud Paints Ltd may repossess our paint goods.

What does a crate hold?

  • 4 x 5L (Smooth Masonry Paint) + up to 8 bottle of 240ml sterilising solution
  • 4 x 5L (Anti Mould Paint) + up to 8 bottle of 240ml sterilising solution
  • 8 x 2.5L (Anti Mould Paint) + up to 8 bottle of 240ml sterilising solution
  • 3 x 5L (Squash Court Paint)
  • 1 x 15kg (Textured High Build Paint)
  •  4 x 5L (Ready to Use Sterilisng Solution)
  • 1-20 x 250ml Sample pots

Shade Cards & brochures free postage ….                             

  Confident colours for confident work

Please be advised that while we have made every effort at Proud Paints ™ to ensure the accuracy of the above information, the delivery can be subject to change and we reserve the right to change the way we package our materials and quantities in order to ship your goods safely & securely.  Proud Paints ™ promise to send your goods in the most efficient and economical way, that brings you value for money. 


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